Community Guidelines

Our Values: inspiration, hope, motivation, safety, courage, community, honesty, non-violence and common sense.

1. Autarki Social is an online community for anyone who shares our values and wishes to engage in social networking without having their privacy compromised by intrusive algorithms and data harvesting processes.

2. Our community is a place to freely share ideas and points of view within a framework of
Autarki Social’s values as stated above.

3. While Autarki Social aims to facilitate the free exchange of ideas and information, members must behave in accordance with the values of the community.

4. Members must refrain from:

  • Posting spam;
  • advertising without prior authorisation from an admin;
  • compromising another member’s privacy;
  • posting pornography and sexually explicit images;
  • inciting, advocating or promoting violence, suicide or harm to another person or group.

5. Admins reserve the right to block, delete and suspend accounts for persistent breaches of community guidelines.

6. Problems and concerns regarding any content on Autarki Social should be reported to an administrator.

Privacy Commitment

We are wholeheartedly committed to protecting your right to privacy. This means:

  • We will not sell or share your data with advertisers: your data is your data.
  • You will not receive targeted third-party advertising or content.
  • Your news feed will not be dictated by your past behaviours on Autarki. We won’t use an algorithm to control what you see.
  • You decide who can see your content.
  • You have the right to delete your account and take your content with you at any time. You own your content.
  • Your privacy comes with personal responsibility: see community guidelines above.