• Julie Anderson

    January 20, 2021 at 11:36 am

    Do you believe in hauntings? do you have a theory? Do you have a story?

  • Julie Anderson

    January 20, 2021 at 4:42 pm

    I have a True story that happened in the 1990¬s

    Not all ghosts appear at night.

    Ann went for an interview as a canteen worker at a big industrial complex out side Chester.

    part of the old site was now empty and due to be demolished.

    She got directions off the security guard at the gate when she arrived but got lost, it was a high site.

    As she drove around she site she went to the wrong car park that was actually by part of the old disused buildings.

    She stopped and saw a door but it was locked so she walked along side the building and came to another door. when she went in it looked as though it had been empty a while she walked down the corridor, she heard the tap, tap of a type writer In one office the light was on as she approached a man came to the door he seemed a little odd his brown overall looked like something you might see may be in the 1950`s. He asked curtly “where are you going” She replied walking towards him ” I’m here for an interview in the canteen is it this way, I’m a bit lost” he spoke to a younger man who was sat at a desk to the right of the door ” do you know where the canteen is now” he looked up from his typewriter and just shook his head.

    Walk down there said the older man go left someone there will help you. He just had a peculiar way, she could not put her finger on it but he was odd.

    She thanked him and walked away. Grumpy old sod she thought.

    She walked in to the warehouse the men there seemed surprised to see her

    She said to one why she was there. He said he would show her.

    He asked where she had got in, and when she told him he said thought it was all locked that end.

    On arriving at the canteen she told the manager and the assistant what had happened

    The manger said you can’t have seen any one those offices have been empty a while now

    no one uses them. The assistant seemed really interested ” you’ve seen a ghost she said”

    Take no notice said the manager to Ann she’s ghost mad. “It must have been a ghost” said the assistant quite excitedly. the manger sighed and just carried on with the interview.

    When Ann Left she went back the same way.

    but that office was empty and when she looked in no type writer no papers no files no men.

    It was dusty and must have been like that for a while -any why a type writer, an old black metal one. The men seemed as real as she was – what do you think?

  • Julie Anderson

    January 20, 2021 at 7:14 pm


    They are:

    Feeling of being watched when alone

    Feeling a sudden and inexplicable change in temperature or a sudden static/electrical charge in the air

    Household objects mysteriously disappearing and then reappearing in different places

    Hearing unexplained whispers, footsteps, thuds or someone calling your name

    Seeing shadows or movements out the corner of your eye

    Frequent electrical problems such as lights inexplicably turning on or off, or appliances not working or acting up

    Feeling of being touched by unseen hands

    Unusual smells such as unexplained perfume scents, flowers, cigars, cigarettes, food or even the stench of death and decay

    Waking up unexpectedly between 3am and 4am and sensing dread, fear or feeling like you’re being watched

    Feeling of grief or sadness in specific rooms or areas of the house

    The research, which was carried out by leading statistician Dr Geoff Ellis to mark the release of the new show, found 39 per cent of people have reported seeing a ghost and 67 per cent claim they know someone who has.

    Bizarrely, 64 per cent of people believe their pets can see ghosts.

  • Julie Anderson

    January 20, 2021 at 9:15 pm

    <b data-fontsize=”24″ data-lineheight=”36.96px”>PUKWUDGIE

    The Puckwudgie are beings from Native American Folklore Shape shifting humanoid beings that can morph in to a porcupine.They are often seen as Demons, Gate keepers to the Dark side.

    People still claim to see them today in the forests of Massachusetts.

    In the legends of the Algonquian people they are mischievous some times helping Humans, some times evil luring away Children.

    What makes these monsters dangerous is the multitude of magical abilities they use to torment and manipulate people. They can appear and disappear at will and are said to be able to transform into other animals.

    They have possession of magical, poison arrows that can kill and can create fire at will. They seem to often be related to a tall dark figure, often referred to in modern times and shadow people.

    In turn the Pukwudgies control Tei-Pai-Wankas which are believed to be the souls of Native Americans they have killed. They use these lights to entice new victims in the woods so they may kidnap or kill them.

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