Would you buy a haunted house?

  • Would you buy a haunted house?

  • Julie Anderson

    January 21, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    You find your dream home, problem is its haunted.

    What would you do?

    may be this article has the answer.

    According to a news release, the survey that was conducted by ISoldMyHouse.com asked 5,000 American citizens several questions about “their supernatural beliefs to gauge the impact the paranormal has on selling a property”.

    The survey was pretty informative as it revealed that 55% of people believe that there are ghosts/spirits wandering around, with 36% admitting that they have had a paranormal experience. 27% of those experiences were “harmless” pranks like objects being moved, while 9% said that they had a more “aggressive” or physical experience. And 19% of those surveyed admitted to talking with a psychic or a priest about their paranormal experiences.

    Those who are attempting to sell a paranormally active house shouldn’t panic just yet by the staggering number of 61% of people who wouldn’t purchase a haunted home. Owners now have the option of hiring a “home exorcist” to clean out their property of unwanted spirits.

    A statement posted on ISoldMyHouse.com reads in part, “We’ve partnered with an exorcist to offer a ‘home exorcism’ service that will ensure your property is empty of any apparitions and suitable for the 61% of Americans who would rather not buy a haunted house (approximately 202,024,401 people!). The free service will be facilitated initially by a remote video call between the homeowner and our exorcist, who will be able to diagnose the issue (if there is one) and offer advice on how to deal with any paranormal activity. In the case that a home visit is required, the homeowner and exorcist can discuss costs moving forward.”

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