Social Media is dead, long live Social Media!

“How dare you think for yourself! You must be one of those conspiracy theorists the news keeps talking about!”

“Why would you even challenge what is being said—we must do our part for everyone around us.”

“What you have said goes against our community policies, therefore, you’re cancelled.”

Ok…We may have reached the edge of a cliff here, and the way down is grey and unnerving. And we’ve got there because we’ve been pressured to walk backwards towards it thanks to everyone in front of us telling us how we are thinking is “wrong”.

You keep asking yourself: “I mean, am I wrong? I don’t think I am?”

“Every time I see information I’m not sure about, or my gut instinct tells me isn’t right, I want to know more about it, so I cast a line to see if anyone out there is able to engage with me.”

“NOPE, you can’t ask about this! It’s inconsiderate of you to challenge this—think of the people?!”

“Ok, I must be going mad then, because, if I’m the only one who thinks this way, it must be me?”

Still, you continue to fight the good fight, standing on the edge of that cliff, but it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be pushed off into the unknown.

(metaphorical hitting of the brake and tyres screeching)

Hold it right there. Now, let’s talk some more about this for YOUR sake.

Do you REALLY think that you’re wrong?

Even if your gut instinct that has served you well for all your life is poking you to feel or say something about what’s going on in the world today? When you’ve tried to apply logic to situations, and approach conversation with compassion all your life, suddenly you’ve lost the ability to do that?

I don’t think so!

You know what truth is—you know what it looks like, how it feels, and have a keen eye for spotting those who do NOT speak truths too.

And you’d love to be able to connect with others who feel this way as well, because in these isolating times it’s become a necessity to connect with people for the sake of your health, and connecting with people who feel the same way you do is a way of you coping with the stress of the world right now.

But alas, you don’t fit the narrative of today’s world.

You’re an outspoken, free-thinking individual who clearly doesn’t get the picture yet.

Therefore, you will be labelled in a way that disregards you as an individual with honest thoughts and feelings, and you will no longer be able to connect with the world as punishment.

(But let me tell you a little secret.) You still live in a world that allows you to make your own choices, and this is the world we’ve lived in for a long time before too.

The evidence is there; entrepreneurs have grown, new businesses and technologies have sprouted, lived and evolved over time.

And this could have only happened if there was an opportunity for ‘the market’ to decide too.

The market really means the people.

Because who knowingly buys stuff that is low quality? Who knowingly buys items that don’t serve a purpose or a need? NO-ONE DOES! It wouldn’t make sense!

The capital market has enabled entrepreneurial people to constantly look for the ‘gaps’ to fill, which actually is about bringing better value to people by helping them become more efficient, more entertained, and more evolved in their lives.

And guess what…Social media is the same game.

What if there are social media channels that allow people like you to connect and thrive? I bet you’d seek that and get involved as soon as you knew, right?

And, as for the big players in the industry? Well, their days are numbered, I’m afraid.

Because with the idea of actively appealing to a ‘niche market’ in the capitalist world we live in today, you have to be offering something of extremely high value for your market to buy into it.

And THAT market doesn’t include you—not even close.

So, you bold and brave free-thinker—there is a place for you somewhere. You just have to turn around, back against the mob, and take that jump into the grey, unnerving abyss.

Once you’ve left that aggressive nonsensical mob behind, you won’t be able to hear them.

And this will allow you to get back into the groove of speaking your truth, connecting with your people, and living some sort of ‘free’ life once more.

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